At Adine we manage your company accounts, making a wide variety of tools available to you. Furthermore, on our online platform you can access your company documentation at anytime and from anywhere. There are three options associated to this service:

  • Option 1: Access to Online Accounting. We grant you access to a user-friendly online platform where you can upload invoices under our supervision, thus ensuring documents stay within your premises at all times. This option, simple for people with no accounting knowledge, provides you with online accounting information on your business.
  • Option 2: Aggregate Monthly Accounting. We use this system to register a summary of your accounts, in balance sheet entries grouped per month. We would need from you a list of revenue, expenses, collections and payments, sorted on a per-month basis, so that we can record them on our accounting programs. This will allow us to give you a balance sheet and a gross profit and loss account (non-detail based).
  • Option 3: Detail Accounting. With this option our staff records and supervises all documentation you submit relating to revenue, expenses, collections and payments, with the aim of giving you full accounting control of your company. In other words, you will have access to any type of report containing detailed information.

Under any of these three options, you will have:

  • Monthly/daily entries, balances and profit and loss account

  • Required account books.

  • Yearly accounts.

  • Accounting-fiscal inquiries on business evolution.

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