Annual Tax Return

To prepare your tax return, we propose the most beneficial approach. If you want, we can also submit your paperwork to the Tax Agency.

Lease Contracts

If you plan on renting property, we provide you with all the required information, helping you draft the most suitable contract and clarifying its impact on your tax return.

Real Estate Operations

We guide you in the purchase of property and preparation of paperwork: engagement contract draft, downpayment, signature, etc.

Payrolls, Severance and Settlements

We check the conditions applied by your company in case of recruitment and/or dismissal, explain each item within your payroll and monitor your severance conditions.

Labor-Based Legalization

We inform you on proceedings to obtain a work permit and on legal requirements to settle your situation.

Tax Return For Non-Residents

If you have property in Spain but spend less than 183 days in the country, Adine could be your legal representative in charge of submitting your “Tax Return For Non-Residents” forms.

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