If you plan on renting property as main residence or work space, in Adine we clarify your doubts on the lease agreement, deposit and/or guarantee, determine if you can write it off in your tax return, etc. If you want to rent your property to a person or company, in Adine we clarify your doubts to ensure your lease during the agreed period is worry-free. We also help you manage other processes, including contract drafting and calculation of rental income on your income tax.

  • Drafting a contract in accordance with existing regulations and including clauses ensuring that upon contract termination, the lessor regains full control of your his/her rented property in good conditions.

  • Quarterly VAT forms associated to your rental income (if you are renting to a company).

  • Payment of monthly payments.

  • Management of the deposit, registration as lessor of a business premise, etc.

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